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To join this community please submit a little info about yourself. We like to learn about our potential members beforehand to ensure that our board remains respectful with friendly discussions and free of any spam/ads for a continued safe & happy environment. image

If you are interested in becoming a member let us know in the message box displayed below. Please include the following in your message:

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4) Which specific FORUM you'd like to participate in

5) Provide a valid EMAIL address (which will be kept PRIVATE) so that we may contact you directly with your approval status, otherwise we will NOT be able to reply to your request.

Also, let us know if you are a former member (in good standing) of this community whose membership was deleted simply due to inactivity. You are welcome back anytime! image

If your main objective for joining our community is for the sole purpose of SELLING personal items or to PROMOTE public events, you will NOT be approved and/or your posts will be deleted, unless you are first recommended by one of our Forum Owners/Moderators.

Please be sure to read our Board Rules. Thank you kindly.image

*Attention BANNED IDs: you will not be allowed to rejoin our community under a NEW User ID Name unless first approved by the Forum Moderator who had your former "alias accounts" barred from membership due to any conduct violation of the board rules on that particular forum.


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